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We've been busy developing new services, hard at work assisting our clients successfully complete projects and we've updated our website to better showcase Temple Engineering.

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  • Recently completed project summaries
  • New Services;
  • Acceleration monitoring with high sensitivity wireless accelerometers
  • Conveyor Design
  • Employee Expertise and Skills
  • New Capability Statements and Case Studies

Temple Software - Engineering Applications

We've been developing a number of applications which will soon be released under our Temple Software brand and be available for download.

If you have a software package you would like developed, relating to engineering, please contact us.

SecurEstorE - Released !

A very useful little application has been developed for password storage. This acts as a password diary where you can keep all your login details safe and away from prying eyes. You'll never forget a password again and, as the name suggests, its very secure !

Go to our Downloads page to download your free copy.

Coming Soon !

Mobile Inspection Database

An application is currently under development which enables inspectors (structural, machinery, safety, etc) to input their findings directly into a handheld smart device. The smart device (phone, tablet, or small laptop) communicates directly to a central server which is used for storage, reporting and data analysis. If you're in the business of inspections you'll be interested in this